Jsem tu už tři měsíce! Tisk

I’ve Been Here for Three Months!

I can’t believe I’ve already been here 3 whole months! Good news -- I’m still alive. You know you’re living a good life when your biggest complaint is that you can’t find good peanut butter (I’m sorry, but the peanut butter from the American Food Week at LIDL is absolutely terrible. Come to the US -- I promise our food, especially our butter, is much better than the Czech version of American food!).

These past few months have been full of fun surprises: last month’s sports course day, where I tried a crazy trampoline class and played volleyball for my first time on the teacher’s team against the students, travels to Austria, Poland, and Ukraine, as well as many sites here in the Czech Republic (Pilsner Fest in Pilsen, the bone chapel UNESCO site in Kutna Hora, a beautiful hike and basilica in Hejnice, a cabin and walk in the Jizera Mountains, etc.), and the 4th year students’ pre-Maturita ball ribbon pinning parties, which have been a great opportunity to talk more with students outside of class and dress up in funny themes, like movie characters, bad guys, and pajamas. I have also spent a few weekends in Prague for birthdays parties, Fulbright seminars, a Thanksgiving dinner, and the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, where I ran along the same path that student protestors took in 1989. More recently, I saw the tree lighting in Turnov and the Christmas market in Sychrov, and one of my students even gave me a special tour of the castle there in English!

For Americans, the holiday season (specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas) is a time when we like to reflect on our lives, and all of the people in our lives that we have to be thankful for. Even though I am away from my family and friends in the US, I feel right at home here in the Czech Republic, and I have all of you to thank for that. I am so unbelievably grateful to the students and colleagues who have made me feel welcome here by helping me celebrate American holidays like Halloween, by inviting me to join them and their families in their favorite activities, by bringing me kind little gifts of homemade food and information about places to see in the Czech Republic, and even by smiling more, which I know is not the norm here :) I’m looking forward to more adventures with more wonderful Czech people!

Děkuji, as always!